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How do I create one or more breaks in the middle of my appointment?

Each service that is added to an appointment contains both a work duration and a break duration. Since an appointment can have more than one service, the next service on the appointment automatically starts at the end of the break from the previous service. This is what creates the "break in the middle".

In addition, each service may be performed by a different employee. This means that the person performing the first service may be different than the person performing the second, third, etc. services.

To end the chain of work -- break -- work -- break -- etc..., make sure that the last service has a break set to 0 minutes.

One advantage of structuring the services this way is that they can be used individually in appointments and do not have to just represent the start or finish of a single service. Another advantage of doing it this way is that there is no limit to the number of service - break sequences that can be daisy chained together.