Salon Scheduler Support Center

I am having trouble installing or running Salon Scheduler on my phone, tablet, or computer.

NOTE: Make sure you are not attempting to use any of the new Salon Scheduler 2 apps (i.e. iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, MacBook/Mac, Microsoft Surface, Windows laptop/PC, or Chromebook) with the original Salon Scheduler still installed and active on your Clover Station, Mini, or Mobile. The new remote access apps require an upgrade to Salon Scheduler 2 before they will work.

NOTE: Please make sure you are not attempting to login to Salon Scheduler through any website (e.g. AppHeaven website, Salon Scheduler support website, Clover merchant website, Clover App Market website, etc.). There is no way to access your appointments through any website since web access is NOT a supported feature of Salon Scheduler 2. You must actually install and run one of the remote access apps on the device you want to use.

Let's go through some of the things that may be causing your trouble during installation or usage of Salon Scheduler 2 on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

1. Although you can install, update, and run Salon Scheduler on your phone, tablet, or computer any time, the app will only work AFTER Salon Scheduler has been successfully installed on one of your primary Clover devices (i.e. Clover Station, Mini, or Mobile).

2. Make sure you are using the correct LOGIN and PASSWORD. The number referred to as "Merchant ID" by Clover Sales, is NOT your LOGIN.

3. Make sure you are running the correct version of Salon Scheduler. After a successful installation, Salon Scheduler 2 will have a colorful circular icon with a pair of scissors in the center. If you see a maroon square icon with a clock in the middle, the wrong version has been installed.

4. For Android phones and tablets, make sure that you have first downloaded the original Salon Scheduler as per the instructions. Otherwise, the option to join the Beta program will not be available. Then make sure your request to join the BETA program was APPROVED by Google. If the name of the app on the Play Store does not have the words "(Beta)" next to the "Salon Scheduler" name, you have not successfully joined the BETA program.

5. For Windows PCs and Mac Computers, make sure you have first installed the BlueStacks App Player on your computer. Salon Scheduler will not run directly on the computer. It will only run inside the window that opens after you run the BlueStacks App Player.

6. Open the main menu on your Salon Scheduler app and tap "Refresh" to reload your data from the Cloud. Sometimes this is all it takes to get your device up and running.

7. Verify that the cellular or WiFi connection to your device is working.

8. Power off your device and power it back on.

9. Uninstall the Salon Scheduler app from your device and reinstall it again.

10. Close out your Salon Scheduler app on your device and restart it.