Salon Scheduler Support Center

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, the only way to do so is to uninstall the Salon Scheduler app from your Clover device or from your Web Portal or from your Clover device.  Go to the MORE TOOLS app and search and find "Salon Scheduler".  Select the app.  On the Merchant Dashboard there is a "3 dot" menu and the unsubscribe/uninstall is under this menu.  Your final payment will be automatically made in accordance with your Clover agreement.  WE DO NOT BILL.  Single billing is a FEATURE of CLOVER.  All billing methods and formulas are strictly a function of your Clover Service Agreement and Clover.

Uninstalling Salon Scheduler from one or more of your secondary devices (mobile phone, tablet, computer) will NOT cancel your subscription. If you leave Salon Scheduler installed on your secondary devices after uninstalling it from ALL your Clover devices, the apps will continue to run and occupy storage on your device; however they will not work properly. This is why we recommend that you also uninstall Salon Scheduler from ALL your secondary devices as well.

Please remember that Clover didn't actually start billing you until several months after you installed the Scheduler.  Payments are delayed by 1 month.  As a result, please expect 1 or 2 more charges AFTER you unsubscribe.  These aren't over charges.  They are the normal billing for the time frame during which you used the Scheduler, less the free 30 day trial period.  The Clover "formula" used to determine the charges is highly accurate and follows your merchant agreement to the letter.