Salon Scheduler Support Center

How do I generate online reports?

Employees who have access will be able to create reports using the web browser that comes with their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Manually enter the customized "Reports" web link shown in the Merchant Settings page into any web browser and bookmark the page. Use your Clover employee PIN code to gain access to the reports.

Clover employees whose role type is "ADMIN" or "MANAGER" are granted full access to the reports for all employees. Clover employees whose role type is "EMPLOYEE" are only granted access to their own reports.

Online reports can also be viewed directly from within Salon Scheduler via the "Reports" menu, as long as a web browser is also installed on the same device.

The Clover Mini does NOT permit the installation of a web browser for security reasons. This added security layer PREVENTS the reports from being viewed directly from the Clover Mini.

Reports cannot be sent to the Clover printer. However, they can be downloaded as PDF, XLS or CSV files, copied and pasted to other documents, and printed on any printer accessible by your mobile device, tablet or computer.