Salon Scheduler Support Center

How are tips handled by Salon Scheduler?

If a tip is added by the customer during checkout, Salon Scheduler will automatically determine the best way to allocate the tip among the employees who actually performed the services. This allocation will be permanently recorded in the Salon Scheduler Reports.

If the checkout ticket (order) contains only one employee who performed services, 100% of the tip will be allocated to that employee.

If the checkout ticket (order) contains multiple employees who performed services, the percentage of the tip that be allocated to each employee is based on the DOLLAR amount of the SERVICES they performed. Items on the checkout ticket (order) that are not services will not be used in the calculation of the dollar amount used to split the tip.

This is the recommended method of splitting tips at salons and is considered best practices for the industry.  Clover does not allow any other tipping options because only a single tip can be added to an order.