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How does "Prompt Register Items For Employees" work?

This setting is found on the "Merchant Settings" -> "Other Defaults" page (under the "Pencil/Wrench" icon to the left of the "TODAY" button on the navigation at the top of the Scheduler. When you first install or upgrade to Salon Scheduler 2, this setting is always set to ON.

Unless you are an advanced user and understand the consequences of turning this setting OFF, you should never change it. This setting directly affects the CONTENT and ACCURACY of the reports generated by Salon Scheduler 2.  Basically, we add an employee name to every item sold on your REGISTER.  If the name is present, we can add the item to our reporting.  if the name is not present, the item will not be included in our Scheduler reports (available from our online portal).

If your business does not use the reports produced by Salon Scheduler, then you can set this to OFF to stop "excessive" or "annoying" prompting.

When this setting is ON, you will be prompted to choose an employee name to associate with every item or service that is added to your checkout order. This prompting will occur even if you directly use the Clover Register app without invoking it from within Salon Scheduler. This is by design and is not a bug.

When an employee name is associated with each item or service, the Salon Scheduler reports will automatically and correctly calculate and include the following items:

1. Tips entered during checkout

2. Discounts entered during checkout

3. Commissions setup for employees from within Salon Scheduler

4. Cost (of providing services) setup for employees from within Salon Scheduler