Salon Scheduler Support Center

How can I contact you?

If your scheduler is currently experiencing a checkout issue on 7/28/2022 (only on 7/28!), please follow this quick procedure to resolve: How to Expedite (Speed Up) a Clover Update... | Salon Scheduler (

Have you watched our full training video training course? We answer every question we've been asked in the last 3 years and fully train you.  We require you finish watching the training videos before requesting customer service on an active account.  Please visit from your cell phone.  Or you can watch the video right here if your Clover device will allow it.  If you device won't allow the video to be seen, please tap here: TRAINING VIDEO.  You can also visit and watch the video from your phone or laptop.

Help Request: Please contact me. I have a question.

Direct Email: Email Salon Scheduler Help (

Support Website:

The preferred method of communication is SMS Text message from your phone. Please text 469.269.2053‬. We will respond with quick automated answers to the most frequently asked questions! You can text "Help", "Reporting", "Token", "Call Me", "Quick Start", "Introduction", "Setup", "Checkout", "Reports", etc.  If you need to talk to someone, please text, "Call Me".

You can also text a more specific question. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Voicemail Callback: Please call 469.269.2053‬ AFTER WATCHING THE TRAINING VIDEOS for customer support.  The training videos are mandatory before calling customer service.  You may need to leave a voicemail if all of our resources are busy.