Salon Scheduler Support Center

How do I checkout an appointment?

When you tap on a scheduled appointment you will see the checkout button at the top of the appointment widget.

1. Be sure to add all services (if there extra services performed, tap "TAP TO ADD SERVICES") or remove services to the appointment prior to tapping checkout.

2. If you wish to checkout multiple appointments (clients) in the same appointment, tap on each appointment and choose "ADD TO BASKET" and then on the final appointment, press the purple checkout icon.

3. If any of your services were setup as "variable priced" in the Clover inventory, the Scheduler will prompt you for prices.

4. A Clover order will be created and then after the order is ready, the Scheduler will automatically place you in the REGISTER so that you can add any products or final purchases to the order before checking out. 

5. After the order is tendered, you can tap the "back" arrow (the left button on the Clover unit that looks like a "U" with an arrow) to return to the Scheduler quickly.

6. Be sure to check that your order is correct.  Clover does not allow modification of an order once the order is paid.