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How to link your customer online booking to Facebook and Instagram BOOK NOW button

Both Facebook and Instagram (they are really one company) are allowing the BOOK NOW feature for only a limited number of select appointment providers.  We have found adequate workarounds to this limitation.  You can link your customer online booking page to your Facebook BOOK NOW button and you can add an BOOK NOW link to your Instagram Bio profile.  First, retrieve the URL for your online booking by visiting the Scheduler > Menu (3 lines in the top left corner) > Get App Web Links.  Enter your phone number and we will text you information which includes your online booking url.  Have this booking URL handy for the below procedure:


1.  If you don't already have a page for your business, logon to your Facebook account from your laptop and tap "Pages" from your list of options in the left column and tap "+" from the top right hand corner and choose "Page".  You will then have the opportunity to name this new page and add the necessary photos, descriptions, etc. to make a nice, new page to use as your Facebook page for your business.  

2. If you already have a page for your business, you can confirm that you see the "Pages" tab to the left and when you tap on the tab, you should see at least one page listed.

3. Go to on your browser.  If you don't have a business account with facebook, please take the necessary steps to create or link your account to a facebook business account.

You should see something similar to the below pic.  Please note the boxes we have highlighted in yellow:

4. Insure you have selected the proper page to add your "BOOK NOW" button from the highlighted dropdown list.  Once you have selected the proper page to add you BOOK NOW button, copy the ID of that page (it is the numerical id that is highlighted in yellow).

5. Please send this ID to along with your Salon name (or merchant id). We will then send you a link that will allow you to complete adding your BOOK NOW button.


You cannot use the "BOOK NOW" button  on Instagram (yet) because Instagram has limited the providers (for now) and has not released any plans on when to expand this list. You can, however, edit your Instagram Profile and  add our BOOKING URL as your Website and then add the words BOOK NOW (with a down arrow emoji) for your Bio or you can cut and paste one of the following text: 





Vanity links are now available to use for your online booking! These new links are of the form: followed by whatever vanity name you request! For example, ""

To use these new vanity links, please email with your business name and vanity request!