Salon Scheduler Support Center

Latest Features

1. Vanity links are now available to use for your online booking! These new links are of the form: followed by whatever vanity name you request! For example, "".  These vanity links are especially useful for places like Instagram.  To use these new vanity links, please email with your business name and vanity request!

2. You can now make "adjustments" for mistakes you make on your reporting.  Just tap on the customer name and make the adjustment.  You can also manually adjust tips.  Just be careful because we cannot be responsible for "balancing" the tip amount if you choose to change it.

3. You can now set an alternate schedule. This alternate schedule applies starting with the start time and applies through the end time.  You can also set this alternate schedule to be valid "every other 7 days" so you can use it for cases where you have an "every other week" schedule for an employee.

4. You can now change the font size on all text on an appointment.

5. There is a new feature to display the employee hours/minutes/turn weights (at the top of the schedule) for each employee.  

We've made a number of exciting improvements and changes to the new version of Salon Scheduler.   These changes were made to make the same information available with fewer clicks or with less confusion.  We also made some changes to establish organized space for future features.  Here is a list of changes that will apply if you have version 9 of the Scheduler (we are slowly releasing this new version so if you don't have it yet, please contact and we can expedite your update).  We welcome your feedback. Just email with your suggestions!


1. The "Search" button on the navigation calendar has been replaced with a "Lists" button. This button provides INCREASED access to various lists that we are creating now (and in the future).  The new list view allows you to search appointments, customers, a new wait list, a new online blocking list, and holiday hours!  If you set  a holiday, that date will no longer be accessible via online booking.

2. When viewing the Appointment List, we have changed the default search to only show results for a smaller time frame to make them more relevant.  If you don't see the same data, tap the "Dates" button and change the "forward" and "backward" search weeks....

3. We've expanded the usefulness of the Navigation Calendar to include "colored blocks" to indicate which employees are scheduled on a particular day. Appointments on the calendar will now show "RR" which means "Return Request".  If an appt is scheduled with the requested employee, the appt will display "RRC" to designate "Return Request Confirmed". These designations allow you, at a glance, to know if a customer has requested a particular stylist.  We have also added up to 3 "checks marks" for users of the Platinum plans to inform you of the number of reminders that have gone out.


1. We now show RR on an appointment to indicate that the customer has a specific employee preference.

2. We now show up to 3 check marks for the Platinum plans to indicate the number of reminders that have been sent for the appointment.

3. When you tap on an appointment, if the customer has a card on file, we will display a "*" in front of the "NO SHOW" button so you quickly know if a card is available to charge.


1. We've dramatically changed the customer view (when making appointments) to make it easier to manage:

(a) Adding/Editing/Viewing credit cards on file for a customer

(b) Customer preferences...if set to a specific employee, the scheduler will inform you if you schedule with an employee OTHER than the one they prefer. We also place an RR on the appointment block.

(c) Customer Status (the source of the customer)

(d) Customer specific information such as address, date of birth, etc.

(e) The History now automatically includes Clover order history as well as Scheduler appointments

(f) We will now display the customer response to a reminder as well as the TIME of the response (so you know when a customer cancelled, for example).


1. When making appointments, you can now add products directly to the appointment. 

2. We added a new "combo" feature.  You can set services (under menu->SERVICE SETTINGS) to include a combination number.  If the "trigger" is turned on, then when you add a combo service to an appointment, we will popup a menu which displays all other items in the combo so you can pick that extra item. This feature will work (with a week) for customers who schedule online as well. 

3. You can now add products to your appointments! Tap on the menu->MERCHANT SETTINGS->Lab Features->"Products on Appointments" and set to YES.

4. Customer Data: We have removed the "Edit" button on the customer data and moved all of those items directly to the customer list of details and notes.  We added these features directly to the customer details so that (a) the information is easier to access (you have 1 less tap to get to the relevant data) and (b) by moving data to the "notes" area, we have expanded the number of new features we can add.  We have a number of upcoming features and that Edit button was confusing because some features would fall under the Edit button and others would fall under "Notes" or just appear under the customer details. It was confusing to try and remember what settings were where.  This new method removes the confusion. All settings are in the same place.

5. We've consolidated all customer history into various sections of the "History" button so that you see all relevant history with a single click (and corresponding single view).

6. Service colors!  You can now see "blocks" of color which represent the services for an appt. In addition, you can make the service color appear for the entire appt.  These options are found under the 3 line menu->Merchant Settings->Appearance as "Display Service Colors" and, optionally, "Entire Appointment Shows Service Color".


1. We've added a new block list. You add a customer name and phone number. We block online scheduling based on the phone number.

2. We've added a new WAIT list feature.  You can make an appointment, choosing services (and corresponding employee), date, and customer. Then, instead of tapping DONE, tap on the customer name and tap WAIT LIST.  This feature will add the selected details/date/customer to the wait list.  You can then access the wait list by tapping the "Lists" on the montly calendar view at the bottom right and tapping "Wait List".  If you wish to turn that wait request into an appointment, just tap the wait list entry.  WE ARE IN PROCESS OF ADDING a WAIT LIST option for customers who schedule online.

3. You now have access to your business holiday list. Any date added to your holiday list will automatically become unavailable for online booking.


1. We've expanded the "Merchant Settings" to make it far easier to access and change settings and to make it easier to add new settings.  If you have any suggestions of new settings, please email us at!  You can now change the line color to DARK, you can also view all employees on a single screen, turn off the timebar that runs across the screen, and configure various printing options.

2. You can set the Menu->SERVICE SETTINGS to create "combo" items. A combo item, when chosen, will automatically popup a menu of all other items with the same combo number so you can select the additional combo item. This setting will apply at location as well as for online customers.

3. Group changes! You can now search for a particular set of services and then tap the "group" button to change the settings on the entire group at one time!  Please be careful with this option as it is very powerful but can disturb your business if you end up making unintended changes!

3. We now have the ability to create "Custom" plans if you need the ability to send Google Review links to your customers.  Please email and let us know your salon name and number of employees you have and we can let you know specific pricing and instructions.

Earlier changes:

***Just in time for the Holidays! You can now add a coupon code to automatically discount customers who book appointments online or in the salon.  To use this new feature, tap the Scheduler->3 line menu->Merchant Settings->Online Settings.  Add a coupon code and set a % or $ discount amount.  Any appointment that contains this coupon code in the Appointment Note will automatically receive a discount when that appointment is checked out!

****We've added new, Platinum plans.  The Pro+ Plan sends 1 reminder text for your appointments.  The Platinum plans will send (1) and initial text informing the customer of the new appointment and (2) 3 reminders texts.  You can configure the timing and content of each of the 3 reminder messages and (3) A text message option to selectively send a Google review link to the customer.  These new plans still include all the features of the Pro+.  We had to increase the pricing and move to a "per employee" pricing model because our main cost is related to the text messages.  We are now sending up to 5 text messages per appointment instead of the usual one.  

1. You can now accept "card on file" for your customers when they schedule an appointment in the salon.  This card on file can be used by tapping "NO SHOW". If there is a card on file, we will prompt to charge that card on file and prompt for the amount of the charge.  IF YOU INSTALLED THE SCHEDULER BEFORE JAN, 2019 you will need to contact because we do not have credit card permissions for your account.  To use this feature, tap the Scheduler->(3 line) Menu->MERCHANT SETTINGS->Lab Features->Card on File (switch to the RIGHT to turn it ON).  This feature won't work on older Clover devices.  Please email if you have any problems with this feature. 

2. You can now add colored blocks (or color the entire appointment) that represent the services you are performing for an appointment.  You can turn this feature on by tapping the Scheduler->(3 line) Menu->MERCHANT SETTINGS->Lab Features->Use Service Colors.  We will automatically assign colors to all of your services. You can also turn on "Color Entire Service" if you wish to have the entire service block switch to a service color.  You can then edit these colors by visiting the Scheduler->(3 line) Menu->Service Settings and picking the service.  You can tap the service name at the top (which should have a colored background) to change the color to (a) the Clover category color or (b) a system assigned color or (c) a preset color.

3. There is now a timeline representing the current time

4. You can now add address information and birthday information directly from the Scheduler when adding/editing a customer's contact information

5. You can now automatically send a text message each time you create/update/delete an appointment for a customer in the salon.  This feature is part of a new of "Premium Plus" plans that we are creating to help fund the extra $ required to send the text messages.  These new "Platinum" plans will cost an extra $10/per month/per employee so a team of 6 employees would cost $59.99/month.

6. The Scheduler will now display phone notifications for online bookings and for deleted appointments.  This feature can be turned off under the Lab Features settings under Merchant Settings if desired.

Please contact us at with any questions or clarifications.  The new "Premium" and "Premium Plus" plans will be priced based on number of employees so we can keep the extra cost as minimal as possible.